Our Work

205 million people in remote Indian villages live in extreme poverty. Many families feel destined to live on only $50 a month.  

Harvest India disrupts the cycle of poverty by embracing the poor as family. Together with global partners and Indian leaders, we extend compassion that creates belonging, restores dignity, and catalyzes generational change. 

Crisis Care

Harvest India responds to the greatest needs through practical and urgent crisis care.

Championing opportunity, not charity,

for the forgotten poor.

Havens of Stability

We partner with community leaders in India to provide vulnerable children with the safety, care, education, and love they deserve.

Sponsor a Child or Home

More than 30 million children in India are abandoned or left without someone to care for them. 

Harvest India welcomes more than 1,435 children into 29 Hope Homes, providing shelter, meals, education, and care in a nurturing environment that fosters each child’s growth and development.

Future of Opportunities

Schools & Colleges

While 80% of men in rural India can read, the rate drops to 66% for rural women. 

Harvest India is closing the gap by improving access to education for both boys and girls. From elementary schools to colleges for teachers and nurses, we prepare thousands of students for a lifetime of opportunity.

Why Dignity?

Explore the issues and see how Harvest India is making an impact through practical care and the power of belonging.

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