You can help disrupt the cycle of poverty

$50 a month is all it takes to give a family hope and dignity.

229 million people in India live in poverty.

That’s the equivalent of 7 out of 10 people in the US living without basics such as clean running water, electricity, food, and access to education and healthcare.

Breaking the cycle of poverty begins with radical dignity and belonging.

Radical Dignity

From forgotten to belonging

Harvest India is a grassroots-driven organization empowered by a worldwide family of partners like you. 

Together we provide crisis care to lepers and other marginalized groups, meet practical needs, and equip the next generation with the stability and belonging they need to lead healthy, meaningful lives.

Crisis Care

Through disaster relief, food distributions, medical camps, and tangible support for elders, lepers, and sex workers, we meet practical, urgent needs while extending the honor of belonging to the most vulnerable.

Havens of Stability

Every child deserves the stability of a loving home. But 1 in 10 Indian children are abandoned or orphaned. We partner with community leaders in remote villages to provide children with healthy, safe childhoods.

Future of Opportunities

Education is the key to generational change. Through schools and colleges, we empower our students to design their futures, gain willful employment, and raise the quality of life for every person in their community.


lepers served and embraced with love and honor


children receiving care, love, and stability


water wells bringing clean water to remote villages


students equipped for thriving futures

Going above and beyond charity together.

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Help disrupt the cycle of poverty and restore dignity. 

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