Harvest India US | The Kumars Visit New Mexico
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The Kumars Visit New Mexico

The Kumars Visit New Mexico

IMG_0158New Mexicans were thrilled to welcome Suresh, Christina, Mercy, and Nancy to their little towns! It was Suresh’s second visit to Roswell, NM and the fellowship at Calvary Chapel church loved hearing Suresh share the message from Acts 3:1-20. Many new connections were formed as the Kumars met with the Board of Calvary Chapel, attended a good ‘ol back-yard cook out, and met friends and family all weekend long. One highlight was a high-school girl with a big heart for India who spent every second she could becoming friends with Mercy and asking her lots of questions about life as a teenager in India. Mercy and Sophie were fast friends and were both sad when the weekend ended.

Another stand-out moment was when Suresh and Christina were re-united with a couple who had been missionaries 15 years ago, and had just happened to retire in Roswell NM. They had no idea that the Kumars had any connection to Roswell, much less would be in town until the local newspaper ran an article with their picture on the front page! Imagine the surprise as these friends on the other side of the globe and 15 years out of touch, happened to see Suresh on the front page of their little town paper. Ray and Laverne joined the growing community of Harvest India friends in Roswell.

In contrast to the new connections in Roswell, the Kumars traveled on to Silver City, New Mexico where families and churches are among some of the first Americans to ever get involved with Harvest india. Suresh and Christina had reunions with partners who began working with them 18 years ago, when the ministry of Harvest India was much smaller, and it was amazing for them to hear about the exponential growth of the ministry over the past decade. It was a joy to celebrate how God’s faithfulness has grown. Friendships were re-kindled and the Lord was gracious to provide such a time of sweet fellowship.

Enjoy some photos of their time in New Mexico!

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