Harvest India US | Severe Drought In India
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Severe Drought In India

Installing water wells is one of the many tangible ways that Harvest India establishes relationships in new unreached parts of India. Over the years, Harvest India has drilled hundreds of water wells and used that opportunity to share the message of Christ, but this year, drilling a well has not been as easy as it used to be. The government of India has recently declared that about 330 million people are currently being affected by drought. That means that a quarter of the country’s population have been hit by drought after two consecutive years of weak monsoons. As summer hits India, reports of families and farmers in remote villages walking long distances to find water after their wells dried up, have dominated local media.

High temperatures have hit parts of southern India in recent weeks, with scores of deaths reported from heatstroke. Every year hundreds of people, mainly the poor, die at the height of summer in India, but temperatures have risen earlier than normal, increasing concerns about this year’s toll. Poor rainfall and drought conditions also have an adverse economic and social impact, particularly on India’s rural communities, which account for around 60 percent of the nation’s population. Since a large share of Indian rural households are still living in poverty, they are extremely vulnerable to loss of income as they have limited savings to draw upon. Many farmers in India are also deeply indebted and need good harvests to allow them to recoup financial losses and repay loans, and as drought ruins their harvests, many desperate farmers commit suicide.

Officials have forecast an above-average monsoon this year, offering hope for struggling farmers who rely heavily on the annual rains. Please be praying that India would be blessed with plenty of water this monsoon season (June-Sept) and that God would use Harvest India to help meet the needs of the people in their community for the glory of Jesus.

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