Harvest India US | Perseverance Through Persecution
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Perseverance Through Persecution

Just over six months ago one of our devoted and faithful pastors went to be with the Lord. Pastor David started his ministry over 35 years ago in a strong Hindu area that was not open to the message of Christ. Over the years he experienced extreme persecution in the form of physical beatings and death threats. His church was burnt down, not once, but twice. Through all of this persection his faith and passion were never moved, and he never gave up on the place that the Lord had called him to do his work. Because of his perseverance, the Lord protected and blessed his labor, and more than 100 Hindu families are now following Christ.

On May 19 of this year, Harvest India dedicated a new church building in the village that David had been working in for all of these years. On the same day as the dedication, we celebrated the wedding of David’s son, Samerpana, who will be carrying on his fathers work. While the church only has a roof at this point, it holds nearly 200 people and provides a shaded place to worship Jesus. Harvest India is honored by the opportunity to be a small part of God’s big story in this area of Andhra Pradesh, and we are believing in God’s provision for the rest of the construction needs. Hallelujah!

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