Harvest India US | Orphan Awareness Month
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Orphan Awareness Month

According to UNICEF, there are over 65 million orphaned children in Asia. Half of this total is said to live in India. To be orphaned is not only to be without parental care – it can mean limited or no access to food, shelter, and education.

Perhaps most profoundly, to be without guardianship is to be without the necessary protection against child labor and trafficking. Despite the fall of child labor in the past two decades, India still ranks 4th in modern slavery and forced labor. 80% of these laborers work in rural, agricultural settings – a very present reality for Harvest India and our work in predominantly rural settings. For young boys, this can mean working in construction or hard manual labor, and for girls, domestic work or sex trafficking. Unfortunately, Dalit girls are up to 27 times more likely to be trafficked than any other demographic according to the Dalit Freedom Network.

As we stand with the most vulnerable, we stand in opposition to these heavy realities. The work is not easy, yet we are strengthened by our God who speaks light into the darkness.

Here are ways you can advocate for orphans this fall:

On November 13th, thousands of churches will stand together on behalf of orphaned children. Orphan Sunday is a global movement of locally-led events to stir churches, small groups and communities to God’s heart for orphans and how we can respond. If you are interested in featuring Harvest India on Orphan Sunday, contact Julie Hubbard at 949.701.9296 or Julie@harvestindia.org.
We have plenty of marketing materials such as videos, banners, web graphics, and more!

We love when our supporters visit us! There is nothing quite like seeing the impact of your
support and prayer first hand. If you have not visited us in Tenali yet, we would love to invite you to do so! Contact our office or local partner church for details about upcoming trips in your area.

Although we in the U.S. may not be able to be in India personally, there are so many ways to raise awareness and support from where we are. Gather your community by throwing a fundraiser or benefit concert, hosting a viewing event of Mother India, or creating an advocacy club at your school.

At the root of everything we do is the redemptive and compassionate love of God. As we meet practical and tangible needs through Orphan Care, join usin praying that these actions will reveal the love of Christ to each of the children.

Every child who calls our orphan homes ‘home’ is supported by the generosity of donors like you. Will you commit a portion of your monthly finances and invest in the future of India?


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