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Meet Jahnavi

Jahnavi is 16 years old and has been living in the Vadlamudi Children’s Home for 9 years now. She was brought to the home from Vijayawada by one of Harvest India’s pastors because her father was not taking care of her or the rest of her family, and her mother was unable to financially provide for her needs. Coming to Harvest India gave her an opportunity to be educated that she wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Jahnavi has experienced a number of miracles in her life. When she was younger she used to get sick all of the time, and she says, “Harvest India has taken care of me, and they have provided doctors so that I could become healthy. God has healed me and I am so thankful!” Recently, her mother became very ill and she had a severe infection in her intestines. The doctors told her mother that there was nothing they could do and that she would not survive. Instead of accepting this diagnosis, her friends and family prayed for God to heal her, and he did. Hallelujah!

Jahnavi is thriving in school, she loves to play games with her friends, and her favorite subject is English. Her dream is to go to a 4 year university to become an engineer. She has just finished 10th grade and will be going to Harvest India’s all girls KSK College for 2 years to prepare for engineering college. Please pray that God continues to work in Jahnavi’s life, and that he provides a path for her educational dreams to come true.

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